Monday, 20 April 2015

Sunny Dorset

Recent posts have been from my (Bob) phone and normally include a picture or two and a few comments. Today I thought it better to give some more text descriptions as I am using a laptop and I appreciate that not all that are following the blog can see the pictures.
A few days off to allow blisters (and other foot problems - I'll leave out the details!) to heal in sunny Dorset. Staying at Charmouth with Penny & Tim - old friends from when we all lived at Settlingstones. Jos knows Charmouth from childhood summer holidays and I know just along the coast at West Bay so it's revisiting old haunts time!
We are being treated regally by our hosts who picked us up from Luxborough and will take us back to rejoin the trail even though they are on the way up to Northumberland shortly! They are actually staying in a holiday home only about 2 miles from where we live!
We have arranged for other boots to be shipped down from home and have ordered lighter socks which should be more suitable for the Mediterranean like conditions we seem to be walking in! No doubt it will all change as soon as we set off! Also, ordered some Gewhol foot cream to help with any foot problems we may have in the future. We carry Mushers cream for Barney's feet which Jos applies routinely each morning but had nothing ourselves!
We have been amazed at the response we are getting as we progress! Many thanks to all the people we have met along with the ones following us from a distance. We really appreciate the support and messages and look forward to seeing updates at the end of the day!

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  1. We do hope that your strategy of lighter boots and thinner socks works or, at least, helps. Overcoming such difficulties leaves us even more impressed. We, of course, are absolutely revelling in this good weather. High pressure is set to hold till Friday albeit with some cloud for us but, I daresay, you've been following the forecast yourselves. Good on ya'. All the best, Fiona.