Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 31 Huntstile - Bawdrip

Onto the Somerset Levels and heading for Bridgwater after our stay at Huntstile.
Some of the stiles have been difficult- the picture shows a collapsed bridge we had to get over!
Found Morrisons and met up with Sheila's niece Emma, her husband Richard and daughter Grace. They kindly offered to put us up after we finished the days walk and took our bags so we travelled light; Barney (and us!) was very pleased!
Cows are now a problem-we had to re route rapidly at one point!
After Richard and Grace picked us up we were taken on a tour of the levels around their village - the whole area was affected by the floods and we saw the bridge which featured on the tv reports.
Another lovely evening - we're being spoiled!


  1. It was lovely to meet you all and great to hear of your exploits to date .......we hope that some of Barneys good behaviour has rubbed off on Diesel! Will be following your journey.....Love Grace, Richard, Emma, Marmaduke and Diesel. x��

  2. A whole month down already - I can hardly believe it. You must be well into it by now. It looks as though the weather has picked up for you now. I'm glad of that. It can only get better from now on - unlike here where we're back to winter. We've evn got snow!

  3. It doesn't seem like a month for the-stay-at -homes like me but I bet you three have gone feral and feel as if you have always been on the road!
    Lots of love and lots of best wishes. Jane the Witch

  4. We've had snow on cross Fell this week, so you are doing fine weather wise. will encourage the rest of the yoga group to follow you from hereon in. Sorry it's taken me a while to log on to your blog, but now I have I'll be a loyal and faithful follower. You've stayed at some interesting stop-overs - civilised ferality! Val x