Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day 21 Pinkery Pond to Exford

Camped in a field above Exford. Great trouble finding water today although we're not far from the river Ex.
We're making slow and sometimes painful progress across Exmoor.


  1. We are assuming that Barney's feet are OK? Do they make Compeeds for dogs? Hope your feet are on the mend. Chris said "At least it's not raining and it's got to be better than doing Jury Service" (she's doing it this week and next). I couldn't decide if the heat was better than rain or not? Is Jos managing to keep up with the Archers or does she need a brief update?

  2. You're doing so well. I hope you're all ok and not finding the warm weather too much of a trial. At least it isn't chucking with rain, but what you really need is a happy medium I guess!? Feet rubs all round at the end of the day I expect?? Well done, happy walking Denise & Jeremy Allen, Hampshire x