Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day 18 Bideford - Barnstaple

Tbe last day of section 1 of the walk, more accurately titled Before Bideford to after Barnstaple.
After the very last mile of coast to Westward Ho! we turned inland! Done it at last - including Westward Ho! in the line means it has 2 exclamation marks! (done it again!) I believe Westward Ho! is the only place name in the Uk to include one but no doubt somebody will tell me that's wrong!
Andy Robinson's short cut to Bideford was easy to follow and we were soon having coffee in a bistro. Then came the old railway line to Barnstaple - 9 miles of tarmac in the heat. We all found it uncomfortable and when Barney started to slow I went on ahead to make sure I got to Barnstaple before the shops shut. Mistake!  I started to sense the reoccurrence of a blister on the ball of one foot but Jos had th Compeeds.
By the time we got to the campsite in the evening we both had multiple blisters - we all hate road walking!
As I also developed an ankle problem we have decided to take another rest day here and recover. Barney is happy about that!

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