Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day 19 - Recovery day

It's ironic that after all the ups and downs of the coast path (and there were many of them), we find the completely flat section the hardest! Barney is appreciating another rest however.

The picture is the view from the tent looking down onto Barnstaple.  It was a hard climb to get up here at the end of yesterday, Jos listened to the Archers on our tiny radio on the way up the steep part!


  1. Hope you have restocked the Compeeds! So Jos managed to squeeze the radio in then....worth carrying it just to hear Monday's episode of the Archers in which Rob finally had to give his DNA sample! Walked the dogs along the river today in some welcome but unexpected sunshine, thought about you all as I turned up the "hill" back towards Catton. You missed snow here on Sunday. Hope no Tarmac on the route for tomorrow.

  2. I do a lot of road walking and periodically get blisters on the balls of my feet (well one foot in particular)... never tried Compeed but I will now. I hope Barney's feet are holding up ok... Will be thinking of you with this predicted hot weather on the way...make sure to get some sunscreen to hand! Good luck over the next few days.... I am at an event with Guide Dogs Portsmouth on Sunday and will have a poster about your walk on display to try to get you some more followers and donations! Denise