Saturday, 4 April 2015

Day 6 St Agnes - Newquay

A long day (17.5m) to get to the north side of Newquay.Again, superb coastline and strong westerly winds.
Many painting opportunities for Jos but little time to make use of them!
Now we see the receding headlands behind us as we move up the coast - St Ives is now hardly in view away in the distance.
Another noticeable change is in the stone walls - the bottom picture shows the use of slate in a way we have never seen before - very sculptural!
A detour inland is needed to get to a bridge over the river before we get to Newquay and then had a steep hill to climb to get to the centre of town - hard work at the end of the day. Then it's Aldi & fish & chips!
The final mile or so saw us arrive at the Porthbeach Holiday Park just as it was getting dark. Once the staff saw us looking for a place to put up the tent we were soon sorted and to make a grand end to the day they donated £15!

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