Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day 17 Rest day

A day off! Barney has slept all day, Bob has been reading a book & Jos has produced 12 paintings down at the shore.
The pics show our home with Barney sitting up & a selection of todays artwork.
This our last night at the coast, tomorrow we head inland to Exmoor.
Note: please feel free to comment directly on blog posts - we're never quite sure anybody's reading this stuff!


  1. We are certainly reading your reports. At eight years old I think Barney deserves a sleep. Keep on posting!

  2. Hi, yes we are reading your posts.......we look forward to it each day! We were quite concerned on the days you weren't able to post!
    Hope you are all feeling the benefit of your rest day, Barney was obviously ready for his day off.
    Sounds like you are meeting some lovely people.
    Cath and Chris

  3. Hi Folks, I hope you are well and Barney is happy. We held the session at the Crown as usual but we missed you all. Of course it wasn't the same but we thought about you, in between tunes. I like your photos and little stories. Keep trucking. Derek R

  4. Hi all ,
    just thought I'd mention that the last photos (the ones including some of Jos's paintings) were much bigger and better. Others are too small. Hope you all have your rest and are ready for the next bits. Derek R

    1. Hi Derek,
      I've increased the size having seen the posts on a browser!

  5. super paintings Jos! A real change from Trigs! Jack is missing Barney
    Terri xx

  6. Look forward to reading your posts and hope that you are all holding up well with your wonderful challenge. So proud of you all, but particularly Barney! Denise Allen, Hampshire

  7. great to see the paintings!

  8. enjoy your rest Barney