Saturday, 14 February 2015


Today has been a dismal day here in the North Pennines (low cloud) so it's been a day of preparation. Jos has been sorting out her weights (what she is going to carry that is!), I've been getting parcel contents started and Barney has been asleep!
The pic. shows the dehydrated meals and energy bars we are taking divided up into columns which will be sent off to various destinations, hopefully ready for us when we arrive! We're sending a minimal set to english destinations (left) where we expect to be able to resupply en route and more substantial packs for the Scottish sections where we'll not have access to things like shops!
A good number of other things will be added before the packages are complete. We did the same for our Cape Wrath trek for the section from Torridon to Cape Wrath.
Tomorrow, hopefully, we can get across to the Lakes and get up a hill - it'll probably be with a load in the rucksack just to make it difficult!