Friday, 13 February 2015

Equipment Part 2 - Boots, Boots & more Boots

Which boots to take?

1. Bob & Jos

Bob's boots option!
 This is a difficult one - previous long distance walks have been with fairly heavy leather boots suitable for going anywhere in the Scottish Highlands.
There's almost nothing worse on a long walk than having problems with boots. We were out for a 6 day backpacking expedition in the Cairngorms covering Munros we hadn't already done a few years ago when, on the 2nd day, one of the lace hooks broke on my new Zamberlan boots. Fortunately I was able to relace the boot and continue walking.
For this walk we've gone for lighter Brasher boots, at least for the first half. The second half may change depending on how the Brasher's stand up to the trek.

2. Barney

Barney's 'boots'
Yes, Barney has boots!
Only 2 however!. These are a 'just in case' measure should any problem occur to his paws and they need protection. Hopefully they'll not be needed.

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