Wednesday, 18 February 2015


How do we know where to go?
We can't ask Barney, so we are relying on two things:
1. GPS
My trusty SatMap GPS will be used to give us route directions, local details and 1:50000 Ordnace Survey map of where we are. It has a full GB map and will contain the route mapped out for us to follow!
The only downside to all this wonderful technology is the need to carry numerous batteries (see previous post)!
However, on balance it's worth it as it makes it less likely we'll get lost!
2. Paper Maps

1:50000 Ordnance Survey maps printed out to cover the whole route.
The GPS is great but:
  1. It doesn't show very much beyond where you are unless scaled down in which case detail is lost
  2. It can break! (I once sat on it by mistake and stopped half the screen working)
Printing out only the map covering the route means we don't have to carry large numbers of folded maps, most of which being unused.
Along with other items, maps are being posted ahead for us to pick up en route (more of this later).


  1. How can we donate to your cause !?

  2. Hi Eileen,You should be able to see details at the top of the blog for donating online or by text message from your phone. Alternativley, we are taking cash en route / at home and will be sending that in to Guide Dogs at the end.
    Bob x