Monday, 16 February 2015

A Day in the Lakes

Wasdale & Great Gable
The weather forecast suggested 'West is Best' and it was! (although it was also good in Allendale apparently)
A good day for Scafell Pike even though we knew many others would be thinking the same thing.
One of our favourite routes in winter - from Seathwaite, upto Sty Head then the Corridor Route and eventually join the masses on the path to the top from Wasdale. The one awkard bit on the Corridor Route was fortunately completely clear of snow & Ice:
Corridor Route 'Bad Step'

Nobody on the Corridor Route but as you'd expect on a Sunday, the top was very busy, a never ending stream of people clammering to get on top of the pile of stones to take selfies! The main paths up and down were very busy:
Look closely and you'll see the many figures on the ridge!

As usual,  most were poorly equipped with only a couple of other people with ice axes & crampons and many just in trainers! We had crampons on for several hours - Barney didn't need anything! :

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