Monday, 9 March 2015

The last Munro

I mentioned Munros in the last post - for those of you who don't know, Munros are Mountains of Scotland with a height of 3000ft or more.
Barney has been to the top of about 220 of the 282 total which we compleated (the spelling is correct!) in 2012. This pic. shows Barney viewing what was to be our last outstanding Munro (An Stuc, near Ben Lawers) in October 2012.
We started properly logging our Munros in 2000 so it only took 12 years to get the lot!
Barney joined us in November 2008 and did his first Munros in April the following year. They were almost his last - it was on the top of one that we found out he has a love of rolling in snow (see earlier Happy Dog post) and rushed off to roll on the cornice near the summit! (a cornice is the overhanging build up of snow on a  mountain ridge or summit which often hides a big drop!)
The following picture isn't him rolling on the cornice - we were too busy dragging him back from the abyss to worry about taking pictures!

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