Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Artist's load

Here's another topic which will, hopefully, re-appear from time to time through the walk that is nothing to do with Barney other than he gets a welcome break - sketches & paintings created as we go.
As I think I have mentioned before (at least I think I did - if I didn't, put it down to my memory playing tricks due to my age!), Jos is a landscape artist and looking forward to producing work along the way. This however, brings its own problems - that of weight & logistics...
Painting can be a heavy business - I have seen her take a whole (heavy) rucksack out just for a days painting in the wilds.
For this trip, she is limiting the materials to pre-cut sheets of paper packaged in sets along with a backing card and water colours. These are shortly to be posted off and hopefully ready for collection en route. With an estimated 3 per day average this has meant cutting up and sorting over 300 pieces from a variety of different paper types. The image above shows the process of cutting & sorting the paper.
If all goes well, the result will be a very different record of the trip.
To see Jos's work, visit www.josmahon.com

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