Friday, 13 March 2015

Another hiccup

Organising something of this nature doesn't always run smoothly (at least it doesn't for us!) and we had another potential 'gotch-ya' yesterday when we lost our prospective house sitter due to a communications misunderstanding.
As you may imagine, finding somebody to live in your house for 3 months starting in under 2 weeks could potentially be a problem! We did have a contingency plan partially sorted - friends would take on the basic tasks of looking after 2 cats & 4 hens. This however meant the house being unoccupied for long periods of time - not ideal.
Jos however, set to and soon had names of potential occupants. Within a few hours we had this problem resolved with a local couple moving in when we leave, quite happy to have the space which our house offers.
The 2013 pic. above of the view from Catton Beacon up the hill from our house has nothing really to do with the trip other than that it was snowing here this morning - are we really away camping for 3 months starting in under 2 weeks!?

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