Thursday, 5 March 2015


Fuel for cooking is always a problem on long backpacking expeditions (not for Barney - he always has cold food and drink!)...
  • What type of stove / fuel?
  • How much fuel to carry?
  • Where to get fuel?
For this trip we are taking a Koro gas stove from Alpkit -  a lightweight (titanium), stable, remote canister stove made by a major manufacturer.
Slightly heavier than our previous top mounting stove, it gives us more flexibility with a larger burner to better spread the heat.
 Gas canisters however, do weigh something - about 600gm for the large size shown above. We'll have to carry a number of these on the more remote sections of the walk, so we were pleased to get confirmation of supply from a couple of shops in Scotland today - Out and About in Peebles and Killin Outdoor Centre and Mountain Shop. Just hope they aren't sold out when we arrive!

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